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Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service has been serving as the captain for the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) to plan and implement quality teacher education programs. Our mission is to prepare students to become passionate and professional educators who are willing to devote to education field. Given the fact that higher education has turned to be research-oriented while teacher coaching actually consumes time, it becomes a challenge to engage the professors who are experienced teacher educators to coach teachers-to-be and work with teachers to provide timely responses to school needs.

To address the struggles between professional and specialized programs that we have promised to our students and faculty’s academic careers, the NTNU established the College of Teacher Education on Aug. 1, 2017. This action makes Education Courses and Specialized Courses in the program better integrated and carried over under the college. Faculty who instruct teaching methods and practicum are now recruited to the college, which is believed to promote collaborations among faculty members who come from different disciplines. Resources of teacher education that the NTNU has been longitudinally proud of are now better managed through the college, with a purpose to assist teachers and students to grow all together. 

The College of Teacher Education also views itself as a professional teacher community. When it comes to nurturing quality teachers for next generations, professors of practice are equipped with full support here. Meanwhile, practice-oriented appraisal criteria apply to encourage our faculty in pursuing teaching excellence and aiming high to lead NTNU to be an internationally top-ranked base in teacher education.