IBEC Programme

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Programme Purpose Admission and Qualification Programme of Study
Required documents for the application of IBEC Programme Certificate
Required documents for the application of IB Certificate of Teaching and Learning
Regulation and Other Documents

Programme Purpose

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) builds up two programmes of International Baccalaureate Educator Certificate (IBEC), preparing pre-service teachers for worldwide IB schools and enriching education quality in Taiwan. NTNU IBEC programmes are officially recognized by International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

    The two programmes aim to engage pre-service teachers to explore contemporary educational theories and IB education pedagogy, as well as to become reflective teachers capable of implementing all-around education through inquiry instruction. The two programmes' students (Students) are guided to familiarize with principles and practices of IB education by focusing on Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). They are also expected to acquire both theoretical and practical sense of IB education, in order to develop their future students to be “inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people” and “active, compassionate and lifelong learners.”

Admission and Qualification

  1. Brief admission procedure

  2. Qualification Requirements:
    (1)Applicants have to be currently enrolled in NTNU and qualified for one of the following status.
        a. who are in Teacher Education Programme (TEP), including middle school and Special Education Programme (SEP);
        b. who have completed middle school, special education, or primary school TEP and obtained TEP certificates; or
        c. who have obtained middle school, special education, or primary school Teacher Certificate

    (2) Applicants also need to make sure they meet the other requirements as stated in the table below. (The requirements shown above are also the requisite for the Programme Certificate of each programme.)
    Programme Current Degree* Department Teacher Certificate
    Category Subject
    International Education Bachelor’s or higher Any Primary or middle school Chinese as Second Language
    Chinese Language Educatio General subject is preferred Any
  3. Admission Quota
    IEP and CLEP enroll 60 and 20 students respectively while the actual numbers of recruited students may be less and are subjected to change according to the number of applicants and operational needs. The total number of students in each programme shall not exceed more than 150% of the aforementioned quota.
For more information about the admission procedure, please refer to : http://tecs.otecs.ntnu.edu.tw/page.aspx?id=1046

Programme of Study

IEP is designed to equip students with pedagogical content knowledge, international mindedness and the competence in designing and implementing inquiry instruction on interdisciplinary topics. While CLEP encompasses various aspects, including language, culture, teaching and learner. IB-related elements such as educational philosophy, teaching pedagogical and practicum are combined together with the education purpose of the Department of Chinese as a Second Language: to equip professional Chinese teachers with all-around education thinking and international education vision.


Programme Requirements

Compulsory credits 15 21
Selective subjects 10 credits of Profession Educational Courses
English proficiency TOEIC 750
Or equivalent
Or equivalent
Diploma in NTNU Bachelor’s or above degree Master’s degree or above in Dpt. of CSL
Teacher Certificate Primary school or middle school
IB seminars or workshops Attend IB seminars or workshops offered by IBO or NTNU for 15 hours or more
IB teaching practicum IB Candidates are required to complete at least 1-month teaching practicum in IB world schools to be eligible for IBCTL.
Other Extended Essay X
For more details about IEP about CLEP, please refer to: http://tecs.otecs.ntnu.edu.tw/page.aspx?id=1066

Required documents for the application of IBEC Programme Certificate

  1. Application form for program certificate
  2. Transcript of each semester, original copy
  3. Proof of English proficiency: shall be issued within two years before application date
  4. Seminar/workshop hour records: attendance records shall date within two years before application date
For more information, please refer to: http://tecs.otecs.ntnu.edu.tw/page.aspx?id=1067

Required documents for the application of IB Certificate of Teaching and Learning

  1. Programme Certificate
  2. Teacher Certificate (primary school or middle school)
  3. Degree certificate (Bachelor’s degree or above in NTNU is required for IEP Students to apply for IBCTL. Master’s degree or above in NTNU’s Dep. of CSL is required for CLEP Students.)
    *International Education Programme students have to submit Self-exploration Essay in addition.
  4. Application Fee:
    USD$265 payable to IBO, the fee may varies from year to year.
For more information, please refer to: http://tecs.otecs.ntnu.edu.tw/page.aspx?id=1068


Teacher's education in Taiwan has been highly recognized by the world, and with the rigorous Teacher's education, NTNU has been the leader of teacher's education in Taiwan. Since the establishment of College of Teacher Education in August 2017, the two programmes, International Education and Chinese Language Education in NTNU, was recommended by the consultant visitors of IB and later approved by IBO in January 2018, making NTNU the first educational institute for IB teacher education in Taiwan. Also, followed by the recognition of International Mathematics Education and International Physics Education by IBO in 2019, NTNU has now become the first university that offers four programmes of IB certificate in teaching and learning. Two Programmes of IB certificate in teaching and learning in NTNU can be found on the “IB Educator and Leadership Certificates University Directory 2019”, with International Education Programme focuses on MYP and Chinese Language Programme offers DP teacher education. And the other two programmes International Mathematics Programme (DP) and International Physics Programme (DP) will be listed in the “IB Educator and Leadership Certificates University Directory 2020”. To view the “IB Educator and Leadership Certificates University Directory 2019”, please visit the website below:https://www.ibo.org/professional-development/professional-certificates/