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School of Teacher Education

The cultivation teachers in School of Teacher Education is "the education of education, the mother of education, the driving force of education", and "being a teacher” as the core. Strengthen the professional knowledge of secondary teachers, break the barriers to professional education courses and specialized courses, through cross-cutting teaching and research and development, combined with teacher training, professional learning and growing together.

Teacher Education Programs

The Division of Teacher Education Programs is to jointly draw up the courses to be taught and selected in education programs, coordinate and integrate courses for each department and graduate institute, and take charge of the screening and enrollment of students for teacher education programs.

Educational Practicum and Professional Development

The Division of Education Practicum and Professional Development, in conjunction with all departments at NTNU and secondary schools with contracts, assists seniors to engage in various teaching activities in order to enrich their competency of teaching and being educators in schools.

International Teacher Education

The Division of International Teacher Education is in charge of the International Baccalaureate Educator Certificate (IBEC) program at NTNU. All of the four focuses of the program are officially recognized by International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). Pre-service teachers who are interested in IB education, international education, bilingual education are recruited the IBEC or bilingual education teacher education affiliated to their teacher education program.  Division of International Teacher Education also provide teacher education students oversea school visiting and practicum and other international cooperation with IB schools or other international Chinese schools to enhance their global education perspectives. The Division plays as agency to integrate all the faculty in the School and other departments at NTNU offices to conducts research on teacher education and improvement of secondary education.