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College of Teacher Education

The mission of the Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service is twofold. The first concerns teacher education that endeavors to provide prospective teachers with well-established pre-service and intern programs as well as to provide in-service teachers with updated professional development programs. The second task of the Office aims at serving undergraduate and graduate students with various career consultancy programs to help them get prepared for the highly competitive job market.

Division of Teacher Education Programs

The Division of Teacher Education Programs is to jointly draw up the courses to be taught and selected in education programs, coordinate and integrate courses for each department and graduate institute, and take care of the enrollment of students for education programs.

Division of Educational Practicum and Professional Development

The Division of Intern Programs and Supervision, in conjunction with all departments in NTNU, assists seniors to engage in various teaching activities so as to increase their ability in teaching and supervising high school students.

Division of International Teacher Education

The Division of Professional Services for Local Schools, in conjunction with central and local government education bureaus, teacher training centers of other universities and colleges, and junior and senior high schools in the nation, as well as academic research offices, conducts research on effective ways to improve our secondary education and upgrade alumni s professional knowledge.