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CD-ROM The "Useful Tools" CD-ROM:

The contents include laws and regulations regarding teacher internship, applications for teaching additional subjects; template forms and tables, Golden Globe Awards, Golden Pen Awards,

Teacher Internship Handbook:

Designed to help intern teachers understand the relevant regulations and details regarding teacher internship.

Journal of Secondary Education

Established in 1949 with the longest history among publications of its kind, the Journal of Secondary Education is published by the Division of Professional Services for Local Schools under the NTNU Teacher Education and Careers Service Office. The journal covers practices and research findings, systems, policies, laws and regulations, curricula, methods, teachers education, discipline and guidance of secondary education.
The journal, which was a bimonthly, has changed to be published every season since 2008. This change is made to improve the quality of the journal. The publisher will also put more emphasis on review and topic selection in the hope that the journal will be more referable.

Local Professional Education Supervision Series

This series offer information on research findings and practices of education to help improve policies and practices in primary and secondary education. With 49 books already published and more expected in the future, this series encompasses relevant topics like school operation and management, curricula and instruction, professional development of teachers, guidance of students, ideas and trends in education.
Until 2008, 51 books of this series have been published. In March 2009, the Higher Education Publishing House and the Division of Professional Services for Local Schools will co-publish a book of theses released in the “Conference on Local Professional Education”, held by the division on Nov.15, 2008. This book will be numbered as “book 52”.